Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines (** 2020 Reviews **)

Looking to make espresso one-touch? You can’t go wrong with a high quality super automatic espresso machine. Or can you? 

If you’re like me, then you know that only the best of the best espresso shot will do for your loved one.  

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the best selection of super automatic machines that 2020 has to offer. 

best super automatic espresso machines reviewed

These are the best automatic machines you can buy to make killer espresso at home with the touch of a button.

What Does Super Automatic Espresso Machine Mean?

To make the most of an automatic espresso machine, first, you have to know what makes it unique.

So, what is an automatic espresso machine anyway?

Automatic espresso machine means a machine that uses an internal mechanism to pull water through your ground and make the best of the best espresso.

Watch this video to learn more about how the coffee industry builds the best espresso machines:

How Does A Super Automatic Espresso Machine Work? 

Espresso is made when extremely hot water is pressurized and shot through espresso-grain coffee. 

In an automatic espresso machine, the pressurized water passes through a water system that is similar in its design to an engine.  

That engine-like design allows the water to travel through a pump at 130PSI all while heating up to the perfect temperature. When it reaches the coffee portafilter, it shoots through it without manual guidance from a human.

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6 super automatic espresso makers reviewed

Semi-automatic Espresso Makers vs. Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Semi-automatic and super-automatic espresso machines have some key differences that may impact your buying decision. 

The major differences are simple.

A semi-automatic machine allows you to be hands-on while still automating part of the process for convenience’s sake.

A super-automatic does the majority of the work for you. If you’d like to see a complete history of espresso machines, a timeline is available through this page created by the University of Sydney, Australia.   

What are the best coffee beans for automatic espresso makers?

By now, you’re psyched about trying out the automatic espresso maker.

You know that you need to pair the perfect bean with the machine or your espresso will be beneath your expectation.

See my top-rated grocery store espresso bean blends to try.

Because, you know, at the end of the day, even a stellar machine won’t yield magnificent espresso if the beans themselves are not top quality. 

super automatic vs semi automatic espresso machine

How do you choose the best beans with confidence?

Well, here of course!

But for other helpful resources that I often reference, the Coffee Quality Institute is perfect.

Use Your Automatic Espresso Maker to Make Latte or Macchiatos like a Barista Without the Work

Want to make great espresso drinks like latte or macchiato with a click of a button? Keep it simple. Think, what beans make the best espresso?  

Now, what coffee beans work best with other automatic coffee machines?

Always do your own testing on flavor notes and signatures. Also consider whether the espresso you need for drinks like macchiato will perform well at your machine’s intensity.

Unlike other types of ground coffee, some espresso grinds are more delicate than others. 

Use Certified Italian Espresso as a reference.

Want a surefire rule of thumb to use as your quality resource?

I use the Certified Italian Espresso guidelines as a quality gauge. 

Certified Italian Espresso provides the guidelines for perfect espresso made via the craft of Italian Espresso National Institute. The IENI was formed in 1998 to protect and promote Italian espresso traditions.

You can’t go wrong with your espresso if you go back to the original recipe of all espresso ever made. 

According to the IENI, espresso ground coffee should not contain artificial additives and should not be made with artificially flavored water. 

Perfect espresso will come out a deep, rich cream. 

It will have hazelnut froth. The cream will be tightly meshed which means there won’t be any little bubbles present in it once it is perfect. 

Italians take pride in the Italian espresso certification so most espresso creations may bend these rules a bit. 

Still, they are a good sounding board to ensure you are sourcing top-quality beans.

how to choose best super automatic espresso machine

Choose the Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Even among their peers, no two automatic espresso machines will be the same. You will have to be picky, dare I say, a coffee snob, to get the best one for your buck. 

Two of the most important things to consider are water pressure and heat. You want a machine that will pump the water consistently at 130 PSI.

You also want the water to reach the perfect temperature.  

A seriously committed coffee aficionado will look for an automatic espresso machine that has 15 bar pump pressure, typically with stainless steel parts. 

What is 15 Bar pump pressure?

I’m glad you asked. There’s a certain science behind the pump system in espresso machines. The ones we explored above are the basics. 

The absolute essentials to get any quality espresso out of your automatic machine.

Yet, if you want to take your home espresso-craft to expert-mode you will need to have a working knowledge of different pump pressure classes. 

15 Bar pump pressure machines allow you to have more than one pump going at the same time. 

Water is heated at two different temperatures: steaming and brewing. This is called the “thermoblock” system. 

These thermoblock systems are superior to the engine-like super automatic espresso machines, which are referred to in the coffee world as “piston-systems”.  

Really important because high-pressure isn’t the only component of a great espresso.

Other Things to Consider in An Automatic Espresso Maker

Even though 15 bar pump espresso makers are the top class of the automatic espresso machines, they aren’t always the best buy. 

For example, 15-bar machines can be more expensive, like jura or delonghi, with many of them ranging between $300 and $500. 

If there's anything you need to consider, it's price. What's your budget? I've reviewed a budget-range of high-quality automatic machines below so there's a variety for you to choose from.

Of course, a high quality grinder is important to your espresso making process. Most super automatic machines will include a grinding system if the coffee isn't pre-loaded.

Looking for something a little less automatic, but with grinding capabilities? 

Click to check out my review of espresso machines with built-in grinders.

coffee shop automatic espresso machines

Top Super Automatic Espresso Machines: Delonghi, Saeco, Jura and More...

Now that you have strict criteria to follow you are ready to start shopping.

Even among these criteria, there will still be some pros and cons to weigh among super automatic machines like delonghi, jura and saeco. 

The machines I’ve listed below are the creme of the crop. Some come with drip trays and some with a milk carafe, they run a tough race between each other. 

Products Reviewed

  • One word: Crema! (great for Americanos)
  • Has a motorized head and a 60 oz. water tank
  • Heat-up takes a maximum of 25 seconds. It also shuts off automatically after 9 minutes.

You guys have heard me talk a lot about Nespresso in past posts.

Click here to see my comparison of Keurig and Nespresso.

Nespresso machines made by Delonghi are state-of-the-art appliances that also happen to be super affordable super automatic machines.

Nespresso makers are smart coffee makers. With the touch of a button on an easy to use control panel, you can turn pre-packed ground coffee into a favorite espresso drink or cup of coffee using a single button.

And the spinning pressure system of Nespresso creates natural crema in every drink. 

This is lovely for someone who wants the barista touch experience for their morning coffee but is too busy to fiddle with buttons for long. 

So, so good for Americano coffee lovers or lungo espresso shots. Each machine comes with a removable drip tray. 

Perhaps the only real downside is the pre-ground coffee.

  • Elegant design with unique ceramic burr grinder.
  • Save your coffee brewing preferences in the system.
  • Classic milk frother allows you to control the milk ratio per cup like a proper barista.

I love Saeco although it's a less high-end system because the Saeco Incanto has self-cleaning features and descaling. Saeco Incanto also has a classic milk frother spout. 

Includes a durable ceramic burr grinder, pretty unique.

It has a beautiful stainless steel-on-black design which makes it match well with the majority of modern kitchen designs. 

From ristretto, to latte macchiatos, Philips Saeco takes whole beans and turns them into magic coffee experiences without needing to refill often.

So, so good for Americano coffee lovers or lungo espresso shots. Each machine comes with a removable drip tray. 

Perhaps the only real downside is the pre-ground coffee.

  • Furnished with an easy-cleaning system. 
  • A patented “Cappuccino” system that mixes steam and froth for prime cappuccino.
  • Delonghi is equipped with an instant “direct to brew” conical burr grinder. 

Technically, Nespresso automatic espresso machines are made with Delonghi technology too.

I didn’t put them under the same brand class because Delonghi has made quite a brand for itself outside of its Nestle affiliation. 

One thing everyone can agree on about this Delonghi piece: short cleaning times and easy descaling! 

This countertop Delonghi has a portafilter system that can be easily cleaned with a plastic knife or other utensil. It doesn’t require the monthly cleaning chemical tablets that others like it do. 

This is a great up sell, but this is by no means the only thing to love about the Delonghi Magnifica.

It comes with its own patent-perfect “Cappuccino System” that does its own milk-frothing. It will infuse the milk with steam to create a delicate cream without an external milk frother.

  • It has a one-touch brewing and steam wandfrothing system. 
  • Programmable settings give you cappuccino, latte, and espresso options at your convenience.
  • The water reservoir and bean hopper are easily accessible in the interface.

Similar to the Delonghi system, Gaggia espresso machines are compact, countertop super-automatic brewers. 

The Gaggia does acrobatic stunts to revolutionize your shot of espresso. 

Gaggia Anima has automatic grind, tamp, and a variety of coffee cup sizes all in a one-touch system.

It's also furnished with their Panarello trademark stainless steel steam wand innovation that's great for frothing.

The Panarello steam wand automatically aerates your cappuccino and latte milk. 

Where Gaggia Anima Prestige crushes its competition is its ease-of-access LED touch screens. 

You can customize everything for your espresso shot with a Gaggia brewer. 

Aroma, strength, volume are all at your fingertips, which is lovely for adding texture and character to coffee cup sizes that you choose.

  • Fully automated, easy-swipe selection screen for easy choices.
  • A triple hot water portafilter system with integrated heat exchange aids built-in.
  • A burr grinder that measures a precise dose amount. 

Not your mother's coffee maker. 

Almost everyone who comes in contact with this high-quality commercial espresso machine brand comes away with a deep love of it. 

Buyer’s Guide gives it a 9.9 out of 10-star reception rating.

It is pretty expensive, around $2,800.

But the Breville is well-loved because it is a 5-in-1 system for coffee shop espresso maker. In my opinion, for the price point, it should probably have multiple brew groups. 

Breville, however, has the optimal pressure value, or OPV, down to a science. This espresso machine-maker knows that high pressure through the portafilter does not always mean good pressure. 

The OPV allows for maximum and optimal pressure throughout the entire espresso extraction.

This ensures that the espresso will not have unpleasant bitter flavors in the coffee shot after the hot water is pressed through . 

Another feature that is truly perfect?

The OPV has low-pressure pre-infusion that gradually increases pressure to expand the coffee grounds and thus even-out the extraction.

  • One touchpush-button system with built-in conical burr grinder.
  • Touch screen is easy to use.
  • Can brew a range of drinks from espresso to coffee.

The Jura A1 or Jura Impressa model is a super automatic espresso machine that doesn't take much counter space and is super sleek. 

Espresso lovers who want the most hands off experience will love the Jura for ease of use and low-profile system that is powerful at the same time. 

The innovative pulse extraction process of the Jura satisfies coffee purists and beginners alike. Despite little control over the espresso pull with jura, this machine is as precise as it gets for a super automatic espresso machine.

With all that knowledge under your belt, and my favorite products on your list, I’m sure you’re ready to tackle the world of aficionado espresso. 

The Italian Espresso institute described it best when they called espresso “the drink that extracts the most pleasure coffee has to offer”. 

I hope the info I’ve shared with you brings you joy for years to come, “automatically”.

Budget aside, the Breville Fully Automatic Espresso Maker is my top pick in the roundup.

All the automatic machines on my list are awesome, but the Breville really is top of the line and will be the future of auto machines with its tech integrations and truly super automatic system. 

Again, not your mother's coffee machine, but if automation is what you're after for espresso making, the Breville will be an investment in your coffee loving household that will last.

A close second for me without the especially steep price tag is the Gaggia, which is super for customization and touch screen! 

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Business woman. Traveler. Self-Declared Host. If you're here, you know the amazing, hits-the-spot feeling of good coffee. The key to my heart (and to keeping the engine running) is coffee, and I've sipped and savored A LOT of coffee over the years and around the world. I'm on a mission to bring great coffee and the warm fuzzy feeling of coffee culture into your home and life, every cup, every day, every time.

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