Best Travel Coffee Makers (**2020 Buying Guide**)

Always on the go? Hate hotel coffee? I don't blame you. I've reviewed the best travel coffee makers that you can buy so you can have fresh, fabulous coffee no matter where you go. 

These days, travel coffee makers aren't limited to pour over funnels and french presses (that can shatter in cargo).

All-in-one coffee maker tech now comes in handheld thermoses and there are better travel material options for pour-over coffee makers.

In this article, I cover my favorite, top travel coffee makers on the market!

Best Travel Coffee Makers Buying Guide

Hotel and airport coffee are a thing of the past! The ultimate coffee gadgets, these are the best travel coffee makers that I love. They make coffee on the go easy (and make you impressive when you're traveling with a buddy).

What to Look for in a Travel Coffee Maker?

Finding the perfect travel coffee maker really depends on your travel needs. If you're going somewhere that lacks electricity, you'll likely need a hand-powered maker.

If you're like me and you travel a ton for work, but hate hotel coffee, a powered travel mug would work just fine. 

There are so many different options for travel coffee makers, so let's break it down.

how to make the best coffee while traveling

Coffee or Espresso Maker

Travel coffee makers have gotten really intricate in the last few years. I usually opt in to taking my coffee maker rather than my espresso maker, but I know that some of my caffeine addicted friends would choose otherwise. 

If you're someone that wants a cup of brewed coffee, you should probably skip on a travel coffee maker that makes espresso, and vice versa. 

This can also play into how much leisure time you'll have when on your trip. If you'll be constantly on the go during your travels, espresso is typically quicker to make and drink.

Plus, there are a ton of health benefits to espresso that my friends might have caught on to before me.

Space and Weight

When traveling, it's important to know how much space you'll actually have left for your travel coffee maker. 

If you're camping, chances are you'll want a coffee maker that is compact and light weight. Also, the more accessories usually means the more hassle when traveling.

I like to stick to the makers that have the most 2-in-1 action; aim for the coffee maker that doubles as a thermos. Also, one that has a grinder really makes like easy when grinding your coffee on the go.

travel coffee makers for best coffee on the go

Stainless Steal versus Plastic

If you're someone who wants steamy hot coffee all day, you should probably look toward the stainless steal travel coffee makers rather than those that are plastic.

Having a stainless steal coffee maker can double as a travel mug, so you'll be packing a little less when you're getting ready for your next big trip. 

If you're someone who doesn't mind the temperature of your coffee, or prefers it cold, plastic would probably be the way to go for you.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Travel Coffee Makers?

There are many different kinds of travel coffee makers to choose from. 

Each one can change your cup of coffee drastically. Each travel coffee machine changes the strength, taste, and flavor, so finding the right one to fit your coffee needs is important. Depending on where your headed on your next travel adventure can change the type of coffee maker that you'll need. 

All of this might seem overwhelming, but you're on your way to a delicious cup of coffee for the next time you're on the go. 

Let me break it down for you!

Aeropress Coffee

The aeropress coffee maker is probably one of the most common portable coffee makers on the market. It can be used in the kitchen or in a hotel room, but many expert campers rave about it's light weight, easy to use design. It's a perfect edition for your home's coffee collection, but it's also great backpacking trips. 

The aeropress's plunger design doesn't quite make espresso, but it does make a strong, concentrated cup of coffee. Like your coffee iced? Simply add ice and a bit more water for an awesome iced coffee that tastes just as strong as cold brew coffee.

aeropress travel coffee maker

The design requires a coffee filter every time you use it, which might be a bit of an inconvenience for those that don't want an extra accessory to carry. 

Many coffee lovers find the aeropress coffee makers design convenient because of how simple it is. Pour and push: boom, a delicious cup of joe ready for you when you're on the go. 

All-in-one Portable Espresso machine and Portable Coffee Makers

All in one portable espresso or coffee makers are honestly what makes my life just that much better when I'm traveling. These little gadgets are a thing of the future, friends. Portability is key with these makers. Good coffee has never been so easy! 

More are only a portable espresso maker OR a portable coffee maker, but there are high-tech makers on the market that do both: literally heaven sent. 

These portable makers are small enough to fit in a tote bag, and easy enough for you to skip the pricey coffee shop run. Most of the portable espresso machine and portable coffee makers are manual, requiring no electricity. 

The all-in-one means that these awesome makers double as a maker and a travel mug! That have a detachable mug that allows you to sip great coffee in style wherever you are. 

Travel Press

Are you a fan of French press coffee? You'll fall in love with travel press coffee makers! Think French press with combined with a travel mug that keeps your delicious coffee fresh throughout your travelling adventures. 

Travel press coffee makers now come in all different sizes and types, making it easy to get 1 to 3 cups of coffee depending on your preference. Most of these travel coffee makers are dishwasher safe, making clean up easy. 

Like any French press coffee maker, you can change the strength of your coffee, making the travel press an awesome companion on your next adventure for any coffee lovers' mood. 

Collapsible Pour-Over with Paper Filters

The collapsible pour-over invention is probably the most versatile on the coffee maker market right now. You can get a collapsible pour over in practically any size and color these days. Most are silicon (which are BPA free), but you can also get these coffee makers in steal. 

These pour-overs are great for hotel stays, or more luxurious vacation stays. I wouldn't recommend these coffee makers for campers and the backpacking. The gadgets require a cup, the collapsible pour-over, and paper filters. It also takes a bit more time to brew a cup of coffee compared to the other travel coffee maker options. 

collapsible pour over for travel coffee

If you've never had a luxurious pour-over from your local barista, you really should try it ASAP. Compared to drip coffee, pour-over coffee is much smoother in texture, and have typically has a milder taste. 

Plungers and French Press Coffee Makers

French press coffee makers are possibly the greatest invention in coffee history. 

French press coffee is easy and always makes me feel like that much of a coffee pro. 

Want a classic french press for home and travel? 

Click here to check out my top rated french presses.

These coffee makers are portable, but I do recommend in investing in a travel press coffee maker if you are backpacking or camping. Unless you'll have a full functioning kitchen in your hotel room, with the space for an extra coffee cup and the luxury of time, a regular French press will be harder to use and carry around.

Still, it's a great investment and the perfect edition to your home's coffee collection! 

Coffee press for travel coffee

What Else Will You Need For Your Travel Coffee Maker?

As much as I wish travel coffee makers were really all-in-one, they sadly aren't. When packing for your next trip, remember to pack the other elements to your coffee maker. 

Ground Coffee

Obviously, this is the biggest element to your travel coffee maker. 

You can't forget the freshly ground coffee. If you're a serious coffee pro, you'll probably want to ground the coffee right before you brew it, so you'll need to make sure you also have a coffee grinder.

Some of the travel coffee mugs that I've tried have a coffee grinder that is either attached, or comes with it. 

If you're someone who doesn't care that much about the freshness, pre-grind your beans before your trip for easy coffee making action. 

If you're looking for an awesome new coffee grinder, I've already compiled a list of the Best Coffee Grinders on the market!  

Boiling Water

To make the coffee, you'll need to make sure that you have access to purified, boiled water. 

If you're on the road or going camping, this might require an extra accessory. All for the cause of fresh brewed coffee, am I right? 

For camping, a small pot or kettle for your open fire or gas burner (however equipped your campsite might be) will do the job.

For most other types of travel, it's fair easy to get hot water from your hotel, local shop, etc.. If your hotel room has a microwave, for example, you can heat water that way. 

boiling water for coffee while traveling

Thermos or Travel Mug

After you brew your coffee, you're going to need a thermos or a travel mug of some kind. Transporting your coffee is one thing, but keeping it hot throughout the day will make sure that you get the best taste out of your coffee.

If your travel coffee maker is stainless steal, you're practically set. 

Looking for a new travel mug? Check out my list of the Best Travel Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot!

stainless steel travel mugs to keep coffee hot

Are Travel Coffee Makers Worth It?


I cannot emphasize how much I love my travel coffee makers. 

They help you skip the extra trip to an overpriced coffee shop, making morning coffee or your caffeine pick-me-up easy and accessible. Investing in a typically inexpensive travel coffee maker will help you keep the cost of your next travel adventure down while keeping you happy and caffeinated: you literally can't lose. 

So... you're convinced right? 

Let's get into my favorite travel coffee makers! 

Products Reviewed

  • Coffee maker and travel mug
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable hand-mill grinder

This is an all in one travel coffee maker. It's a coffee maker and a travel mug, AND is has an adjustable hand-mill grinder to ensure that you get the freshest coffee from anywhere. It makes your coffee and keeps it the perfect temperature throughout the day. It's honestly a coffee maker sent from above.

  • Insulated Travel Mug 
  • Powerless 
  • Lightweight

This light weight french press is perfect for camping and road trips. As a two-in-one coffee maker and travel mug, it's leak-proof design is versatile. Use it for coffee, or for keeping hot drinks warm throughout the day.

  • Great pour over 
  • Sleek design
  • Stag included 

This set makes the perfect pour over every time I use it. It's perfect if you're traveling with a hotel stay, but I wouldn't recommend this set for camping or a road trip. This set requires both the pour over cup and the stagg dripper itself, so it might be bulky for trips that require light packing. A great option for pour over lovers, though!

  • Great coffee gift idea
  • Organized coffee set
  • Includes almost everything you need

This sleek set has everything you need to make espresso and share it! It includes a thermo flask for hot water, the pressured espresso maker, four light-weight espresso cups, and two towels. Simply add your favorite espresso pods and you'll have great on-the-go espresso.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use hand-press espresso
  • Compact

This espresso gadget has everything you need in a lightweight, compact, and portable model. It's durable and easy to clean, making it perfect for espresso lovers who are hiking or camping. I love the way it looks and travels. It makes perfect espresso every time I use it.

  • So many color options
  • Doubles as stainless steel travel mug
  • 13 oz. 

This travel coffee maker doubles as a chic travel mug. It's stainless steel design brews great coffee and keeps it hot throughout the day. While it does make great coffee, my only complaint is the lack of a grinder. If you don't have your beans grounded on hand, you're out of luck with this travel coffee maker.

  • 15 oz. coffee french press
  • Doubles as stainless steel travel mug
  • Multiple color options

A great option for french press fans who are on the go. This french press travel coffee maker makes great coffee and loose leaf tea. It also pairs as a travel mug when your coffee is brewed. It's 15 oz, which is the largest travel coffee maker that I could find on the market.

Home, office, camping and road trips. The Cafflano Klassic Portable All-In-One Coffee Maker is the coffee lover's coffee gadget that dreams are made of. It grinds, it brews, it stores. 

What I love most about the Cafflano Klassic is that it's a manual travel system, which won't short-circuit on you out in the wilderness. 

It's also stainless steel, and easy to clean. The ceramic burr hand grinder is delicate but grinds well. 

The vertical stack design keeps everything together. and it surprisingly only weighs a pound. 

Use the pre-measured coffee bean markers on the grinder to keep your brew consistent every time. 

Paper filters are typically used for the collapsible pour-overs, making clean up easy. If you're someone who is extra environmentally conscious, getting  mesh filter is probably your speed. The downside is the extra clean up and extra accessories to worry about.



Business woman. Traveler. Self-Declared Host. If you're here, you know the amazing, hits-the-spot feeling of good coffee. The key to my heart (and to keeping the engine running) is coffee, and I've sipped and savored A LOT of coffee over the years and around the world. I'm on a mission to bring great coffee and the warm fuzzy feeling of coffee culture into your home and life, every cup, every day, every time.

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Business woman. Traveler. Self-Declared Host. If you're here, you know the amazing, hits-the-spot feeling of good coffee. The key to my heart (and to keeping the engine running) is coffee, and I've sipped and savored A LOT of coffee over the years and around the world. I'm on a mission to bring great coffee and the warm fuzzy feeling of coffee culture into your home and life, every cup, every day, every time.

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