Best Coffee On Amazon (** 2020 Review **)

Looking for the best coffee on Amazon? From ground coffee to whole bean coffee, in this quick, 4-minute article, I've reviewed the best coffee beans you can buy on Amazon today!

My dear gym-friends Brock and Emily asked for this article so this one's for you, buds!

The thing about Amazon is, you can buy EVERYTHING there.

Coffee is no exception. So while I have favorite coffees you can quick-order on Amazon, there's a few things you'll want to consider.

Best Coffee On Amazon

If I covered them all, you'd probably hate me and never know what coffee to buy, so a few things...

No matter what, all the coffee I cover here is 100% Arabica. I did not include Robusta coffees, because I like Arabica more, but a lot of flavored coffee blends on Amazon will be a Robusta/Arabica mix, just FYI.

I also include a round-up of my top 5 favorite coffees on Amazon regardless of roast (in case you're wondering). Lucky for us, most really great coffee roasters also sell through Amazon. 

That makes buying coffee on Amazon awesome because you can get access to great coffee roasters and brands that may not be close to you or sold at your supermarket.

(If you're looking for basic, supermarket coffee recommendations, click here).

The catch is, for some great gourmet roasters, there will be a slight mark-up to buy on Amazon. I've taken that into account in my recommendations here! 

I've also tried to make sure you're getting a bang for your buck with a Prime shipping option. Who wants to wait for their coffee, anyway?

Best Coffee On Amazon in 2020

These are my favorite Amazon Coffee picks you can find on Amazon now (just click the links!):

  1. Counter Culture Coffee Apollo
  2. Barbarossa Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  3. Philz Philtered Soul Whole Bean Coffee 
  4. Philz Ambrosia Coffee of God
  5. New Mexico Traditional Pinon Whole Bean Coffee 
  6. Al Mokha Reserve Coffee Yemeni Light
  7. Stumptown Hair Bender Whole Bean Coffee 
  8. Portland Coffee Roasters Whole Bean Coffee 
  9. Koffee Kult Whole Bean Roast Coffee

Why Buy Coffee On Amazon? 

The honest answer? It's pure convenience. Support local roasters, get the best organic coffee, branch out and find new coffee brands all through the convenience of Amazon. 

Skip the intimidating grocery store coffee isle, that coffee isn't fresh anyway. You can find gourmet coffee in the comfort and bliss of your own space and most ship direct from the roasters, which means you may get your beans fresher than the grocery store shelf.

Local coffee shops and international roasters all sell through Amazon today. With the best options available online, why wouldn't you choose to pick your new favorite cup of coffee on Amazon? 

Feel free to find raw coffee beans and roast coffee beans yourself, but to continue on the theme of convenience, I'm going to share the best beans that are already roasted (and all Arabica coffee, of course). 

What To Look for When Buying Coffee on Amazon?

Convenience without skimping on quality is key here. There are a lot of ways to find great coffee, but most of it has to do with preference. 

Finding the best coffee on Amazon really depends on your preferred flavor profile. Good coffee is all about you, after all!

coffee at home on amazon

Let me break it down a little more. 

Coffee Roast

So what is your favorite coffee roast?

Your options here are Light Roast, Medium Roast, or Dark Roast. Personally, I'm more of a medium roast person, but I always keep a light roast and a dark roast option for guests (or if I want something a little different). 

Let's debunk a myth real quick: So many people think that dark roast coffee means more caffeine. It's not actually the case! True coffee lovers will know, the lighter the roast, the more caffeine content is in each cup of coffee! This is because the light coffee blends are roasted for less time, keeping the most caffeine content with it. Makes sense, right? 

Just so it sticks... the lighter the roast = more caffeine. Let's get it right, friends. 

Whole Bean Coffee vs Ground Coffee

What's the difference between whole bean coffee versus ground coffee? Just about everything. 

I know that I said it's all about preference, but this is a point where you either get "meh" coffee, or you get the BEST coffee that is worth the money. 

My hot take? Never buy pre-ground coffee. Once you grind your coffee beans, you instantly loose flavor, taste, and freshness of your blend. We here at Hot Mug Coffee are not looking for decent coffee... we're looking for the best. 

best whole bean coffee on amazon

I love whole bean coffee, and will forever stick with my judgement. Whole bean Arabica beans are just so lux. 

If you are buying ground coffee, chances are you're in need of a grinder, right? No worries and no judgment! I've already created a list of the Best Home Coffee Grinders. 

Coffee Style Preference 

What kind of coffee drinker are you? French press? Drip coffee? Maybe you're an at-home cold brew drinker. When you start getting fancy with how you're making your daily brew, each blend can greatly impact the type of taste. 

For my french press coffee days, I always like to go with a dark roast. For my drip coffee, I go with a light roast or a medium roast. 

Maybe you're pulling your own espresso, like a true coffee pro. Try using a medium roast or dark roast for the best espresso flavor from your espresso machine. It'll make a bold espresso, and an even better latte. 

Have some beans that are getting a little stale? Don't throw them out! Here's How to Make Cold Brew at Home. It's super easy, and I've already wrote out the perfect recipe just for you!

Products Reviewed

No matter your coffee profile, these are my favorite coffee blends to buy on Amazon in 2020! I think you'll like them too.

  • Lighter Roast 
  • A floral, citrusy bouquet of flavor!
  • Such great summer coffee
counter culture coffee amazon

Ethiopian coffees live up to the reputation of Ethiopian coffee culture. This Counter Culture coffee "Apollo" is inspired by everything good about Ethiopian coffees, and I absolutely love the light, floral notes that make this such an easy coffee to drink by the pot full. If you double as a tea drinker, but like the mouthfeel of coffee, you'll love this one.

  • Light Roast, handcrafted specialty coffee
  • wine-like, berry undertones with floral aroma
  • Amazing as a pour-over
barbarossa coffee on amazon

Premium Ethiopian Yirgacheffe shipped to your door? I think yes! This light roast has a clean, flowery, vibrant finish. It's complex and relatively intense, like a great wine. Barbarossa also does a great job of shipping beans fresh out of their location in Texas, where they take serious the art of single-origin coffees.

  • Medium roast 
  • Sweet after roast
  • Hazelnut flavor 

Philz Coffee has become a coffee staple in the community. Philz Coffee is now more than the coffee house: you can have the awesome Philz taste at home. This blend is a sweet, medium roast, with high-quality notes of hazelnut. I'm not usually a flavored coffee drinker, but Philz Coffee just knows how to roast it right. This coffee company is awesome, and if there isn't a shop near you yet, I highly recommend trying out this roast at home!

  • Light Roast
  • Blackberry, grape and toast notes of heaven
  • So good in a french press, but not cheap: This bean sells for $2.50/oz
ambrosia coffee of god on amazon

For you fruitier loving coffee drinkers (ahem, Brock) this is another Philz Coffee that is just so smooth and delicious, it has to be on this list. I am typically not a light roast coffee lover, but this one is so tasty, it's one of my top favorites ever. A great morning coffee, you'll get those marmalade and cereal notes to go with breakfast or brunch. It's a pricier bean, but so perfect for sharing a french press for two on the weekends.

  • Medium Roast with a Dark Roast taste
  • Roasted in small batches
  • Coffee company is family owned!
traditional pinon coffee on amazon

New Mexico Traditional Pinon Whole Bean Coffee is for the bold coffee drinker. It's a medium roast, but it's a great coffee you're looking for a darker taste. I loved it so much during my first visit to New Mexico, I bought every blend I good to take back to the east coast! It's a blend of high quality Arabica beans, that has a smoothness when you brew it thanks to pinon, a special nut that grows in the great American Southwest! Another nutty coffee, but one of my faves, and you don't need to go to New Mexico to get it!

  • Bright and juicy light roast
  • Terrace-grown and sun dried
  • Honey-like sweetness
al mokha yemeni light coffee on amazon

Yemeni coffee is a rare and special treat, and it's a wonder that it can be shipped on Amazon right to your door. What a day to be alive! If you love light roasts, this one's a treat. What makes Yemeni coffee special is that it's terrace grown in small batches at high altitude and then sun dried before processing. What you get is bright, juicy coffee with a honey-like sweetness. Al Mokha reserve is a small, veteran-owned business based in Washington, DC., specializing in Yemeni coffee and aiming to support coffee revitalization in Yemen.

  • Sustainable coffee company!
  • Sweet taste
  • Notes of citrus and dark chocolate
stumptown coffee roasters on amazon

Stumptown is one of my favorite coffee companies! I love their sustainable mission. They have been achieving B Corp status since 2018, so you know that they are the real deal when it comes to being environmentally friendly! Hair Bender's sweet notes of citrus and dark chocolate are perfect for the days when you have a sweet tooth or want an after dinner, richer coffee. Pair this fresh brew with a pump of caramel: true heaven in a cup of coffee.

  • USDA Certified Organic 
  • Light Roast 
  • Low Acidity
Portland Roasters Whole Bean Coffee on Amazon

Portland Coffee Roaster's Whole Bean Coffee is awesome if you're looking for  quality USDA Certified Organic blend. Caffeinated to perfection with low acidity, this light roast is great for your everyday morning routine. Blend it yourself right before you brew for the perfect cup of coffee and you're in business!

  • Environmentally friend coffee company
  • Balanced acidity
  • Dark roast
Koffee Kult on Amazon

On days where you need a little more "oomph", find yourself brewing Koffee Kult's bold dark roast. This awesome coffee company pries themselves on creating the perfect dark roast while being environmentally friendly. Brew this coffee blend anyway you want, but I've heard amazing things about using an Aeropress with these beans… bold, amazing taste with an extra kick.

Top Pick: Philz Philtered Soul Whole Bean Coffee

I'm a sucker for any coffee blend from Philz Coffee. This blend is awesome if you're looking for an everyday brew. Plus, any flavored coffee that is still 100% Arabica beans while being delicious just wins. 

Finding delicious and sustainable coffee all while in the convenience of the internet and delivery... are you sold yet? 

It's never been so easy to quench my coffee habit while finding the newest amazing blend. 

Happy Brewin', friends! 



Business woman. Traveler. Self-Declared Host. If you're here, you know the amazing, hits-the-spot feeling of good coffee. The key to my heart (and to keeping the engine running) is coffee, and I've sipped and savored A LOT of coffee over the years and around the world. I'm on a mission to bring great coffee and the warm fuzzy feeling of coffee culture into your home and life, every cup, every day, every time.

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Business woman. Traveler. Self-Declared Host. If you're here, you know the amazing, hits-the-spot feeling of good coffee. The key to my heart (and to keeping the engine running) is coffee, and I've sipped and savored A LOT of coffee over the years and around the world. I'm on a mission to bring great coffee and the warm fuzzy feeling of coffee culture into your home and life, every cup, every day, every time.

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