Hey, coffee people! I'm Nada ...

Hugh Jackman (aka Wolverine) said, “To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.”

Yes, Hugh. You right. 

I created Hot Mug Coffee because A. I love coffee; B. I love coffee culture; and, C. I think everyone should have great experiences with coffee anywhere they are. 

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Coffee is powerful…Coffee makes life a little more cozy…Coffee connects people around a mug…Coffee is the world’s greatest pick-me-up!…

… Gone are the days when you’re let down by a mediocre mug!

I’m on a mission to sip and savor the best cup of coffee and I’m sharing what I learn here with you.

There are a bajillion websites out there that also claim to love coffee, but I’ll give you info, resources, and access to the best coffee tools all in one place! You’ll be a coffee expert and brewing the perfect cup in no time. No barista license required.

Why create a site just for coffee?​

Coffee is in my blood and part of a social culture that I grew to appreciate through my parents. I had my first cup of coffee with my dad at the age of 12, with a little milk and a little sugar, and have since developed a long-standing appreciation for coffee.

I think coffee does this amazing thing of bringing people together, energetically. It summons ideas, brings focus, compels you in-the-moment.

With all the beautiful, delicious ways that coffee is shared around the world, there is nothing more disappointing than a terrible cup of expensive coffee. 

Am I right?! 

I want to build on my appreciation and understanding of the beautiful notes of a great cup of coffee. I want to know what to order and where. And I want to continue to gather my friends and family around a mug and bring the ambience and culture of coffee into my home! 

That’s why I started Hot Mug.

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Have great coffee, always!​

Here at Hot Mug, I review the best coffee supplies and tools so that you can get everything you need to keep your coffee time amazing. You’ll also find tips, tricks and new explorations in coffee and coffee culture, plus practical advice like proper storage and cleaning techniques so your coffee always tastes fresh.